Transport accompaniment

Safe escort for valuable freight


Strong protection for international movement of goods with route clarification, modern locating technology and professional accompaniment.

The SecCon Group® GmbH guarantees a maximum of security before and during the transport of goods. For this, we perform all necessary services relating to the mobile protection of valuables for our clients, including:

  • Comprehensive threat analysis for transit countries and chosen routes
  • Prior clarification of all routes with safe alternative planning
  • Use of state-of-the-art communication and locating technology
  • Use of selected security personnel to accompany transports of valuable goods. For this, we deploy exclusively specialists with many years of professional experience in police special units.

From the thorough clarification of current crime rates to the targeted use of high-tech equipment, we effectively shield your logistics against disruptions.

Your business-critical supply chains are thus effectively protected – and at the same time you fulfil the duty of care towards your drivers and implement all insurance requirements.



  • Threat analysis
  • Prior clarification
  • Security technology
  • Security specialists

Corporate Security
Knowing what is important
– doing the right thing


Discrete clarification
of offences and risks

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