Seminars and Training

Basics for beginners, final touches for old hands.

More knowledge, more security: Courses for corporate security personnel and conception of target-group-oriented seminars.

Corporate Security Seminars: These seminars qualify the participants in theory and practice for error-free handling of current threat scenarios:

  • Prevention: Awareness of gaps in corporate security and introduction to a methodical identification of weak points such as e.g. risky employee behaviour
  • Clarification: Systematic investigation of security incidents (loss assessment, determining the perpetrator, conservation of evidence, use of modern surveillance technologies)
  • Repelling: Exercises on how acute dangerous situations can be handled with calm, proportionate and purposeful action

Conception and implementation of target-group-oriented special seminars:

On the basis of the clearly defined core competences of the SecCon Group, at the customer’s request, we conceive precisely appropriate special seminars for executive personnel or operative employees in security-sensitive fields.

This includes intervention training for security personnel with special requirements as well as interactive scenario training for existing personal protection teams and special seminars for management chauffeurs and security drivers.

Corporate Security
Knowing what is important
– doing the right thing


Event Safety Management
But doing it safely! 

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