Averting financial losses: Discrete clarification of offences and risks of criminality in companies.

Investigations at official level with documentation that will stand up in court – finding black sheep and the systematic closing of security gaps

The loss suffered by the company due to theft and misappropriation can no longer be made light of “pilfering”. In our work we now observe an accumulation of offences showing a high level of criminal energy: Nowadays, we are increasingly deployed against well-organised insiders, who e.g. systematically manipulate stock levels and pass on misappropriated goods on order to black marketeers abroad.

At the same time companies are being more and more severely confronted with attacks on know-how and confidential data. Our successful deployments thus include more and more cases in which employees give away e.g. valuable routes of freight and travel or sell sensitive internal information on pricing and marketing strategies to competitors.

In the fight against existence-threatening corporate crime we thus work closely together with company-internal investigation services and security officers. The SecCon Group® GmbH principle: Official standards in investigation and conservation of evidence

We protect concerns and medium-sized companies with investigations at official level. Our clients therefore gain the security and freedom to decide themselves whether or when to call in the public prosecutor. The SecCon Group® GmbH principle makes the difference here:

  • Exclusive use of investigators who have acquired their expertise in state organisations, proven them with the security services and specialised with focussed training courses.
  • Standards and methods close to those of the authorities in the conservation of evidence and traces and in the questioning of employees with interrogation tactics.
  • Operative support of in-house investigative departments with seamless embedding of SecCon Group specialists in work processes and requirement profiles.


On this basis, SecCon Group® GmbH covers the four service fields:

  • Early detection: Systematic checking of the work processes for weak points and security check for new employees, also from partner companies.
  • Loss prevention: Identification of perpetrators through open and concealed investigations.
  • Conservation of evidence: Observation with hidden video, picture, audio and data surveillance. Internal and external SecCon specialists ensure knowledgeable use of the latest IT and recording technologies. An audit by solicitors ensures the legal conformity of the measures and the suitability of the results for use in court.
  • Security strategy: Systematic closing of weak points, and consulting and training of personnel responsible for security.
  • Early detection
  • Loss prevention
  • Conservation of evidence
  • Security strategy

Case Study
Solving of case of
classic insider theft


Information Security
Holistic solutions for the protection
of your information


Mobile protection of valuables
Safe conduct for your
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