Event Safety Management

Celebrating? But doing it safely!


Our event safety management concepts ensure that your event is secure and problem-free, with the taking into account of the current security situation and all legal conditions.

With 26 years of experience, the highly specialised security experts of the SecCon Group® GmbH develop individual event protection concepts for the security of fairs, festivals and events, including major events, and thus possess exceptional expertise in this field. Together with our clients, our TÜV-certified planning coordinators implement protective measures for events of all sizes.

In the run-up to the event, it is already important, in the framework of a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the event environment and of all relevant facts, to recognise possible security risks and to identify potentially dangerous situations in cooperation with organisers, police and authorities.


For the smooth running of the event, the safety management concepts we develop comprise all aspects of event security, e.g.:

  • Appointment of decision-makers
  • Production of chains of communication
  • Working out of emergency and crisis plans
  • Production of an evacuation concept

  • Relevant courses and special training for the security personnel
  • Development of legally watertight documentation
  • Communication and coordination with authorities
  • Development and implementation of crowd management

Beyond this, and with regard to the exacerbated threat situation that has now existed for some time, SecCon Group GmbH is in a position to identify risks for the event early on and to initiate suitable countermeasures with our operative security experts from an international range of police and military backgrounds. Upon request, this highly specialised group of people ensures the security of visitors and employees with discrete and hidden protective measures.

In the same way, our many years of experience in the production of emergency and crisis management systems contributes to the end-to-end secure planning and implementation of your event. Upon request, we are at your disposal as overall coordinators of all organisational and personnel security measures.

Our range of services is adapted to the requirements of the respective event. With our concepts, we relieve the organiser in all aspects of event security and ensure that he can fulfil his obligations for the protection of visitors fully and responsibly.

  • Weak point analysis
  • Risk identification
  • Concept production
  • Consultation conversations
  • Courses & training
  • Operative protective measures
  • Overall coordination of security

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