Without security,
there can be no freedom.

Wilhelm von Humboldt
(1767 - 1835)

SecCon Group ®GmbH

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WE stand for the protection of your legally protected interests

The uncompromising protection of that which is of the highest value to you is our responsibility and our promise.

Our work follows four principles:Our Principles


The professional and social competence of experienced employees is a guarantee of goal-oriented and discrete action. We use exclusively specialists with a proven security background.


From the initial hazard analysis to the development of comprehensive security strategies, we leave nothing to chance. Our knowledge is the basis for averting and avoiding dangers.


We apply intelligent security concepts with a high degree of consistency. This includes hands-on, but considered averting of acute threats, and vigorous but prudent overcoming of crises.


A discrete approach ensures that we influence the everyday lives of the clients as little as possible. With an appearance adapted to the situation, combined with empathy, we can integrate ourselves seamlessly into existing structures.



Intelligent security concepts for companies, events, exposed families and individuals.

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